501 Questions Every B2B CMO Needs To Ask

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Taking the reins as a new CMO can be daunting.  You need learn all about the company, strategies, markets, products, customers, competitors, processes, technologies, etc. — not to mention all the myriad details about the marketing team, brands, plans and budgets. What does the marketing team do well? What do they not do well? What do they not do at all?

You’ve got just a few months to gather the information, analyze it, identify gaps, develop your plan and present it to the CEO and Board.

Having gone through this process several times, I created an Evernote list with questions to ask in order to be thorough in gathering all the information. Over the years that simple list grew unwieldy with hundreds of questions so I dumped it into a Word doc and then got the bright idea to turn it into an ebook for B2B CMOs [the only one of it’s kind I believe].  We each have unique experiences, so while I think this book is pretty damn comprehensive, I’m sure that I have missed things and welcome your feedback.


How to Build a B2B Demand Gen Engine & Dashboard

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I frequently research B2B demand generation topics online, and more often than not, I find fluffy decks full of the same old stats but lacking any practical guidance on how to do it.  Hence I decided to write my thoughts on the critical requirements to drive revenue through marketing along with my detailed dashboard template for measuring/reporting the results and ROI. As always it’s impossible to deliver the whole context in a deck so please ping me if you’d like to go below the surface of the content.


Stand Out from the Crowd for Your Media Pitches and Speaking Submissions

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If you’re looking to get more PR coverage and more acceptances for speaking opportunities then you need to stand out from the crowd of people you are competing with.  I use the EnhanceCV platform to create a nicely designed short bio that includes the highlights of my experience [one sentence for each role], a quote about my marketing philosophy and links to the key content pieces I have created on relevant topics along with key bylined articles I’ve written.  It’s then quite easy for a reporter or event committee to view my work and make the decision that I’m worthy of consideration.  Check out my bio here.

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A Presentation On Leadership That Doesn’t Take Itself Too Seriously

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“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Great leaders are a pretty rare thing. In fact I can only think of a few that I’ve worked with/for in my 30 year career. One trait that those leaders all have in common is that they intentionally study leadership and purposefully experiment with various principles and skills.  They make mistakes and fine-tune their leadership styles over time.  Towards that end I thought about all the strong leaders I know, as well as my own experiences leading global teams and built this straightforward deck with seven key traits that can be developed and ten key skills that can be practiced.  One lesson I learned at a young age is to not take yourself seriously, so in that vein I used humorous memes to balance out some great quotes I found for each aspect of leadership.  Of course I have many stories and talking points that support each slide so if you’re interested in that level of detail ping me directly and I’ll be happy to talk through the deck with you.  Leadership is a very complex and nuanced thing and I don’t pretend to have all the bases covered, so I’d love to get your input on anything I may have overlooked.



Customer Experience vs. User Experience

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This one simple diagram tells a powerful story about the elements of great product design and marketing. Sadly, most companies do not have people directly responsible for either CX or UX which IMHO are the keys to creating engaged, happy, loyal customers. [pic taken at MarTech 2015] Customer Experience CX - User Experience UX

My Blueprint for Successful B2B Marketing

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As a CMO of a digital marketing company I am often asked to present to classes of trainees.  As such I built this deck to provide a high-level overview of the 8 critical elements necessary for successful B2B marketing.
1. Know your customer journey
2. Always be helping
3. Create marketing so good people would pay for it
4. Promote the power trio
5. Simmer your leads
6. Get in bed with Sales
7. Cultivate continuous improvement culture
8. Build products that sell themselves

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How to Execute a Successful Rebranding for Your B2B Business

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Rebranding your B2B company is essential to stay relevant with customers and stand out in your market – which means you can’t afford to get it wrong. Yet despite it’s huge strategic importance I’ve never seen anyone cover the topic of rebranding so I thought I’d give it a shot.  In this ebook I take a straightforward approach covering all the steps I’ve taken to pull off successful rebranding projects at Entrust, ReachLocal and MultiView.

  • Laying the foundation by aligning senior leadership
  • Developing your positioning, messaging and brand essence
  • Finding the right digital agency to partner with
  • Launching the brand internally and externally

DOWNLOAD the ebook here.


Building a B2B Marketing Flywheel

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Have you ever had to explain what you and your team do and the value you provide to the organization? Or have you ever moved to a new company, taken over a marketing team and had to provide direction?  Well, I’ve faced both situations so I built this short but sweet deck to provide a high level explanation of how we power profitable revenue growth for the company. I spend most of my time on slide three talking about how we need to build a marketing flywheel that will drive better and better results over time. Of course I provide a lot of context when I speaking to the slides so if you’d like to hear how I use this deck simply DM me @ToddEbert.

New Ebook on the B2B Buying Journey

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b2b buying journey
The B2B buying journey has completely changed over the last decade due in large part to the Internet and the amount of information now accessible online. Businesses must come to the realization that their prospective buyers are completing up to 70% of their buying journey before contacting them. This stat may be staggering to some, but there’s good news — you still have the ability to influence your audience early on and throughout their entire buying journey. My new ebook takes a deep dive into what a modern day B2B buyer’s path to purchase looks like, the marketing solutions that play into each phase of their buying journey, and how those marketing solutions ultimately influence the buyer’s decision to purchase. This ebook is a must read for any B2B marketer looking for a fresh perspective on the digital landscape and how their business can capitalize on the online marketing opportunities available to them.

How much time do you spend online?

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If you’re like the rest of us, you spend most of your day surfing the web for content relevant to your personal life and your professional life. The typical person in the U.S. spends over seven hours online every day surfing content, watching videos, checking social media and doing email.  About 1 percent of the time we spend searching, a fraction of the time that we spend surfing, but it’s an extremely important 1 percent since it drives us to the sites that provide what we are looking for.

The takeaway for marketers is that you “must be present to win.”  Your prospects are doing a ton of research online when deciding what to buy and who to buy it from. So if you’re not there you can’t make it into their consideration set and therefore you might as well not exist.

I’m a huge fan of content marketing [as you can see on this site] but I also know that advertising is the best [fastest, most cost-effective] way to be absolutely sure that you are present to win — building awareness with prospects and influencing their purchasing decision.  My team uses what we call the “power combo,” a mix of display advertising and search engine advertising tailored for each stage of our customer buying journey.  That approach has produced excellent results for us which I’ll dig into more in a subsequent post.

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