at the intersection of search, social, local and mobile.

"Marketing is the key to success in today’s hyper-competitive markets, and companies that don't understand that fact will ultimately fail."

− Todd Ebert

"Rule #1 in marketing is you have to give value to get value."

− Todd Ebert

"Optimization is everything, and everything is optimized."

− Todd Ebert

"The key to a successful career is to always do more than you're expected to."

− Leonard Ebert (my dad)

From Fortune 100 enterprises to tech startups, I’ve spent twenty years with my sleeves rolled up leading marketing teams that drive business growth. Lately, as CMO of ReachLocal [NASDAQ: RLOC], I’m marketing software and services at the intersection of search, social, local and mobile marketing. I have a passion for speed and accuracy of execution, or simply put, I get stuff done and done well.

I’m also a Snapple drinking, chili pepper growing, craft beer loving, volleyball coaching, Longhorn cheering husband and father.


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"Luck is what happens when preparation
meets opportunity." - Darrell Royal

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