501 Questions Every B2B CMO Needs To Ask

By July 31, 2017B2B

Taking the reins as a new CMO can be daunting.  You need learn all about the company, strategies, markets, products, customers, competitors, processes, technologies, etc. — not to mention all the myriad details about the marketing team, brands, plans and budgets. What does the marketing team do well? What do they not do well? What do they not do at all?

You’ve got just a few months to gather the information, analyze it, identify gaps, develop your plan and present it to the CEO and Board.

Having gone through this process several times, I created an Evernote list with questions to ask in order to be thorough in gathering all the information. Over the years that simple list grew unwieldy with hundreds of questions so I dumped it into a Word doc and then got the bright idea to turn it into an ebook for B2B CMOs [the only one of it’s kind I believe].  We each have unique experiences, so while I think this book is pretty damn comprehensive, I’m sure that I have missed things and welcome your feedback.


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