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Marketing is the key to success in today’s hyper-competitive markets, so why don't more companies understand that?

Todd Ebert

Rule #1 in marketing is you have to give value to get value.

Todd Ebert

Optimization is everything, and everything is optimized.

Todd Ebert

The key to a successful career is to always do more than you're expected to.

Leonard Ebert (my late father)
Todd Ebert

I believe the difference between winners and losers in today’s hyper-competitive markets is great marketing, and that’s something I know a bit about. I’ve spent twenty-five years with my sleeves rolled up leading marketing teams that drive growth and increase enterprise value.  I’m a student of both the art and the science of marketing and have lots of experience marrying the two for powerful results. My personal approach is summed up in this quote by my late father, “There’s one simple but powerful rule for success … always do more than you’re expected to.”

Unabashed Longhorn fan, annoyingly observant father, technology tethered raspberry Snapple drinker, 51% Philly direct / 49% Texas nice, self-proclaimed chips & salsa connoisseur, fluent in sarcasm, smoked meat aficionado and Paleo eating specialist, dogs vs. cats, underwhelming golfer who never met an IPA he didn’t like, getter of shit done.


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"Luck is what happens when preparation
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